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Painting Katana and sakura

Painting Katana and sakura

60 x 90 cm

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Painting Katana and sakura

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The theme of this painting seems Japanese, but with a universal message: love is stronger than war.
I find the classical Japanese visual culture beautiful: clear, elegant and pure, that’s how I’d describe it. This painting is loosely based on this tradition. The sakura, cherry blossom, here symbolises love and the katanas, samurai swords, war and hatred. No matter how hard the swords are, the blossom is strong enough to grow from the steel.
As an individual on this planet, I sometimes feel helpless in the face of so much cruelty and injustice. Giving a little money here, signing a petition there. But I never fail to believe in the power of love. As an individual and all united, never give up. Love is stronger!

acrylic and oil paint on linen.
60 x 90 cm, no frame needed