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painting The Message

painting The Message

70 x 70 cm

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painting The Message

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Why does a religion choose an instrument of torture as a logo?
Of course I'm talking about Christianity. A logo or a sign tells something about the identity of a company or an institute. Anyway, that's mostly the purpose.

The cross symbol is omnipresent in our part of the world and it's familiar.
Actually you hardly think about it, neither about the Coca-Cola or Volkswagen brand.
It's just there.
It took a considerable statue of Christ on the Cross on a little square in Belgian Vielsalm to make me reflect on it for the first time. What does the cross tell us, with or without Christ on it? What does it communicate?

When I think about a person who is tortured to death on a cross, these concepts come to mind: pain, suffering, transitoriness, hatred, cruelty. Of course I know the sequel from the Bible: Christ raised from the dead and according to the theory, took the human sins with him.

The cross to me is a sign of, literally, martyrdom. Look at the suffering of our hero. But above all it's a symbol off earthly cruelty.

Is a torture cross really the best way to symbolise Jesus' teachings? In my opinion the core elements of those teachings are: charity, forgiveness and afterlife. That's why I painted a kind version of the cross that does justice to his primary message.

Jesus in my version is a happy kid that opens wide the windows to afterlife. "Look! Behind me is heaven." He sends a peace dove into the world as a symbol of his message. The rainbow colours refer to the bond between God and man. And concerning our sins: we have to work hard on them ourselves, we won't get heaven for free!

acrylic paint on linen.
70 x 70 x 4 cm, no frame needed